Helpful tips

Dynamic Plumbing, Heating and Electrical in Bellingham, WA has been providing electrical, plumbing and heating services to Whatcom and Skagit Counties for many years. Check out some of our helpful tips below!

Electrical Tips:

  • Test all GFCI Receptacles.
  • Test Smoke detectors periodically, and change the batteries once a year.
  • Every 2-3 years, have a Dynamic licensed Electrician test the breaker voltage, and re-tighten connections.
  • If lights dim when using a hair dryer or other appliance, you may need to upgrade the amps in your panel.
  • Circuits may be overloaded and have too many things plugged in to one circuit, or the circuit may need to be replaced by a Dynamic licensed Electrician.

 Contact a Dynamic licensed Electrician immediately if you notice…

  • Smoke or sparks coming from the panel
  • Sizzling sounds coming from the panel
  • Lights flickering

Plumbing Tips:

  • Once a year, drain your hot water tank.
  • Put Bio-Clean in your drains once a year to keep your drains clean and free of debris. Unlike other drain cleaners, Bio-Clean is safe for the environment.
  • Once a year, or periodically, your faucet screens need to be cleaned. This removes any mineral sediment or rust build up.
  • If you notice your toilet filling on its own, the sound of running water, or you have ripples in your toilet, you may have a problem with your toilet. A problem toilet can use needless water, causing high water bills, septic overloads, and unnecessary well pump usage.

 Contact an Dynamic licensed Plumber immediately if you notice…

  • Your hot water tank is leaking
  • Your water bill is high, low water pressure
  • Your drains are backing up

 Pump Tips:

  • To ensure everything is running properly check your well pump system once per year.
  • Check your pressure tank to ensure it is functioning properly.

 Contact a Dynamic licensed Well Pump Technician immediately if you notice…

  • No water
  • You can hear your pump running constantly, or have low water pressure
  • Radical or irregular water pressure coming from faucets, toilets, or other areas
  • The circuit breakers keep tripping to the pump

 Septic Tips:

  • Inspect your system once a year.
  • Pump out your septic tank when needed.
  • Keep accurate records.
  • Practice water conservation.
  • Don’t put grease, fats, motor oil, fuel, disposable diapers, coffee grounds, filter tip cigarettes, paper towels, rags, paints, chemicals, sanitary napkins, tampons, or condoms in your system.
  • Keep traffic off of your drain field.
  • Don’t cover your septic system with anything other than grass.
  • Don’t poison your septic tank.
  • Don’t use a garbage disposal.
  • Don’t dispose of water from hot tubs (spas) into the system.
  • Never enter any septic tank.

Contact a Dynamic certified Septic Technician immediately if you notice…

  • Odors, surfacing sewage, wet spots, or lush vegetation growth in the drain field area.
  • Plumbing or septic tank back up.
  • Gurgling sounds in the plumbing system.
  • Slow drain fixtures.


"Part of the 'comfort' of working with Dynamic is being comfortable with the company and its employees. Both my experiences with them have proven to me and my son that they adhere to the highest standards."
- Becky , Ferndale