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Preventing the Winter Woe of Frozen Pipes

Ask anyone who lives in cold-winter climates about freezing pipes and you’ll usually hear a sad tale of woe of a burst water pipe. The worst thing about a busted pipe is the timing. Here you are at the end of a cold snap and “Ssssssssssss’ you hear the sound of water shooting out spray from one your pipes! Again, ask anyone who’s tried to deal with a burst pipe in freezing weather and you’ll hear more sad tales. Most people know at that point, it’s time to call in a professional. Of course, prevention of frozen pipes is the best way to bypass all the frustration. Some things to consider about frozen pipes: Did you know that leaving a faucet running will not prevent pipes from freezing? It’s true. But don’t let that bother you because there’s still a good reason to keep water on at a drip pace in a faucet. It will avoid a burst pipe once the weather warms up. Contrary to popular belief a frozen pipe does not have to result in a burst pipe. It’s all about pressure. When you leave your faucet open, pressure will not build up downstream from the point where the pipe has frozen. The pipes upstream of the freeze won’t have a pressure issue. So, once the temperature warms up the ice will dissolve and gently exit your faucet. However, if your faucet has been closed all that time, a great amount of pressure will have built up inside the pipe, and the chances of a burst pipe are high. Keeping your faucet on at a slow drip will waste some water but it’s a precaution worth taking. Become a Wrapper (yes, that’s with a “W”) Wrapping pipes exposed to cold weather is an excellent way to avoid frozen pipes. You can obtain the foam type material from any hardware store. The material usually comes in four foot lengths with a slit running long ways making it easy to slip over a pipe. You can also purchase more exotic products that involve a “blanket” over the pipe with an electrical device that will keep the pipe warm. However, most folks go with the simpler pipe foam cover to protect against freezing. Don’t forget about outside faucets. Even though they only protrude a few inches from your home, they can transmit cold throughout your pipe system. Again, you can get a cover for your faucet at your local hardware store. And the good news is they’re cheap! Avoid frustration with insulation If you’re home is a newer one (20 years or less) chances are that you have good insulation in your attic and crawlspace underneath your home. Also, most energy update packages offered by utility companies involve ensuring that adequate insulation for keeping the home warm is addressed. However, that doesn’t guarantee you that your pipes have not been forgotten. You might consider having a professional check your entire piping system for areas that added insulation would prevent freezing. You could also do it yourself, but be prepared to do some crawling. Too late, my pipe is frozen, what should I do now? Too often people try to thaw pipes with a gas torch or some other heat source. It’s dangerous and can result in much more property damage than a simple burst pipes. Save yourself, frustration and added expense and call a licensed plumber if you suspect your pipes are frozen and you’re worried they may or have already burst. Most companies will not be able to take the time to thaw them for you, but they may be able to help you understand how to cope with the predicament you are in. As an expert in Plumbing Bellingham WA homes, and long time area residents, we know that Winter can be a lot of fun. The best way to avoid the winter woes of frozen pipes is to prepare for the ‘deep freeze’ before it hits! Continue Reading

We’re a REAL DEAL Heating Company in Bellingham!

Many know us as one of the most used and most trusted Plumbing Companies in Bellingham WA, and we are glad to be known that way.  Our name includes Heating and Electrical services though, because we are serious about handling your Heating system, Gas Furnace, Electric Furnace, Heat Pump, and more.  We’ve been helping with Heating Bellingham homes for years, plus, we are ready for any Electrical Repair Bellingham residents happen to be experiencing.

This is the time of year, we feel it’s especially important to remind people that the same company that unclogs their drains, replaces their waterheaters, and fixes their leaky faucet, is the one who is ready to keep them comfortable all chilly Fall, Winter, and yeah, even some of the spring in the Bellingham, Whatcom County, and Skagit County areas.

Why do we feel the need to make this point? Well, we aren’t the only company who handles both Plumbing and Heating, for instance.  Many other companies will “handle” your heating, but it isn’t necessarily their area of expertise. Many times it is just a tool for a Plumbing-centric business to keep it’s workers busy and to stay in contact with the customer. Although we at Dynamic understand the value in this, we hope that you’ll have a higher standard when it comes to finding a Heating company with real expertise. Dynamic technicians have the training to handle your home’s heating system correctly, whether it’s in tuning up, repairing, or installing a new heating system.

We aren’t kidding when we say that we want to be the DYNAMIC solution to all of your home needs! Plumbing, heating, and electrical issues are rarely anything but a nuisance for the homeowner. You want the problems to “just go away”, but at the same time, you want the problems fixed correctly—a quality repair, so that it will keep from becoming an issue that you have to deal with again. It’s a great feeling when you find a repair expert that you feel that you can trust, and will offer value in all that they do. How much better would it be if you found a company like that, but then found that they can handle all kinds of repairs around your home.  That’s what we offer at Dynamic Plumbing Heating Electrical!

We hope to prove ourselves the first time you call us out. And once we prove ourselves to you in our plumbing service, for instance, you’ll feel that much more confident that you can call us out when your heating system just isn’t keeping you warm enough. This is our vision and our goal—you should know that our name means that we will offer the same high level of service on any area of your home we offer to work on.

Now you have an ally that can make the problems “just go away” the right way, with quality and value in mind. A Dynamic company, with a Dynamic team, that gives you a Dynamic solution every time! So, don’t hesitate on your heating issues, call for service today, and stay warm this winter. If you like our plumbing service, you’ll love what we can do to keep you warm as well. Continue Reading

Latest AMAZING Review of Dynamic Plumbing, Heating, and Electrical!

Well, we’re proud of our service technicians, and the service we provide here at Dynamic, but we’re so happy to have the kind of customers that will appreciate the quality work we do.  This review is JUST IN to our company and we thought we would share it with all of you out there.  If you haven’t worked with our company before, this testimony speaks very clearly what we are all about.  Thank you SO MUCH to Zuzana and Gordon for sharing your experience and kind words!

Dear Dynamic Company,
 My husband and I are comparing Ben’s visit to other service providers we encountered  in the last two years and we are inspired to share our experience with other homeowners.
Ben did not look hurried, focused on collecting the payment and being on the way to the next appointment. 
Ben listened with genuine interest and worked with an intent desire to benefit us without performing costly and unnecessary work. He even noticed that something was left undone by the previous handyman and corrected it quickly at no charge.
Ben respected our home by wearing protective booties over his shoes and cleaned the work area before he left it.
When we called you with our feedback, we felt your joy from our satisfaction and that cannot be faked.
Our compliments go also to Angela and Andrea for being ready to respond to us with competence and kindness.
Thank you Dynamic company!
We say: 
“Call Dynamic, end the panic!!!” 
Zuzana andGordon
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Check out your Furnace BEFORE it gets cold! (…..NOW is a good time)

September began over the weekend, but maintained the wonderful weather of August.  In Washington State the summer sun often arrives late (many say July 5th is the unofficial “first day of summer”), but that sunshine will tend to stick around a little longer that the end of August.  Make no mistake though, by the end of September we will be in a whole different world as far as temperatures go. The odds are that you will catch a slightly chilly night or morning in the next 30 days.  No worries, you say.  You’ll just flip on the furnace and get warmed back up, right?  Well, we can’t tell you how many times companies that service furnaces and heating systems get slammed with customer calls on the first cold evening of September.  Why? Because many homeowners ignore their heating system while it remains warm and expect it to rise from months of slumber, performing as effectively as the last time they switched it off in March or April. The advice we try to share EVERY YEAR, is that you should try out your furnace BEFORE it gets cold, and better yet, just kill two birds with one stone and have Dynamic Plumbing, Heating, and Electrical out to do your regular servicing.  Your furnace should be serviced every year to protect your investment.  What better time than NOW to have your furnace cleaned, the filter checked and changed if necessary, the efficiency of your furnace tested, and any problem areas identified? Of course we want you to call and work with our heating technicians in getting you ready for fall. But, no matter what company you use, make the quick call today and get them scheduled to come out and handle all of this for you. It’s one appointment that will have you confident that you won’t need an emergency service in September or October, and at the same time, you should be good to go for furnace maintenance until next year!  Call Dynamic and schedule your service today – 360-738-1010. For further research on the matter, we also found a link for you to check out: This article will walk you through some warning signs about your furnace and what to watch out for.  This article mentions many of the same professional wisdom that we share with our customers on the spot.  Like we said, you can spend a ton of time worrying about your furnace or heat pump, or you can make one call to Dynamic and set up an appointment to have us service and inspect your heating system.  Check out that link, but your best move is to give us a call……NOW! (If things DO break down, we offer the Furnace Repair Bellingham WA trusts!)   Continue Reading

Plumbing Home Inspections are a very good thing!

Plumbing companies have been offering home inspections for many years. Many times companies like ours will find a way to do it as a complementary service, while we’re out handling whatever particular issue that the customer has called us out for. Customers who need plumbing repairs in Bellingham WA or Ferndale WA are no different from customers across the country, and some folks are a bit hesitant to allow a company like Dynamic to take a look around the house. We want to assure you that a free home inspection is something that can save you a TON of money, and is a huge value to you and your home. Let’s pretend you’ve called Dynamic Plumbing, Heating, and Electrical out to your house to have us handle a leaky water heater. We obviously want to check out and diagnose what exactly is wrong with your water heater and what it will take to repair, or replace the unit–that is the top priority. It is a very common practice though, to ask if we may walk around your home with you and examine the sinks, faucets, tubs, and toilets around the home—even the piping and p-traps that can be looked at easily. This walkthrough examination of your system will allow us to check if anything else is on the verge of failure or not operating as well as it could operate. Many times there are small, free adjustments that we can make as we’re going. The problem we are trying to handle is the idea that homeowners wait until something has broken before having an expert help you out. Well, an inspection like this will allow a licensed plumber to alert you BEFORE a disaster. Plumbing brakes often lead to water damage, so there’s the first way that these inspections save you money—they can protect you from a costly brake or plumbing failure. The other way that this saves you money, is a simple business practice. We, like many other companies, offer a discounted rate for “add-on” services that are handled when we are already on site to handle the primary issue. In out pretend case here, we would be able to offer a discounted repair of, say, a leaky faucet, while we were on site to get your water heater repaired or replaced. By handling a few issues on the same call, it is more cost effective for both our customer and our company as well—Killing two birds with one stone saves both of us time and money! We understand that you want the primary issue fixed fast, and that is very important. While the plumber is at your home, though, it’s well worth the time to get everything else inspected. Also, folks may object to having more work suggested. Well, remember, anything that a plumber recommends is just that, a recommendation. It is up to you to turn down the offer to do more and stay ahead of plumbing problems. We may not always ask to look around, but you can ALWAYS request it from our technicians if they are at your home or business handling your main issue. In fact, we offer to come out specifically to do home inspections, although it is usually associated with a small charge. We also offer free home inspections From time to time. If you are interested, you may always call the friendly folks at our offices and ask what we can do to get your home looked at by a professional. Stay ahead of the costly issues, and allow a friendly, local plumbing company (like Dynamic) inspect your home whenever the service is offered. It’s an important and valuable service we are proud to offer you! Continue Reading

Ferndale Hard Water Issue

A recent news article from the Bellingham Herald has made it apparent that there is a hard water issue in Ferndale, WA. Dynamic plumbing offers a fix for hard water by installing a water softening device that actually groups the calcium, which causes your water to be hard, and then filters it out. This is accomplished by creating a electric pulse that targets the calcium and sort of clumps it together so it’s not big enough to pass through the filter. Not sure what hard water is? Hard water is a calcium build up that can cause long term issues health wise and for the plumbing in your home. It damages your pipes by leaving a residue and clogs your pipes restricting water flow. This can also damage water heaters because the calcium build up that hard water causes may cause your water heater to overheat or malfunction. Read more about how Dynamic plumbing can solve your Ferndale hard water issue here. Continue Reading

A Customer review from Anne and Steve

To Dynamic Plumbing, Heating and Electrical from Stephen M.D. and Ann. After discovering a stopped up drain in the kitchen I called your company at 7am since your phone book ad showed 24/7 hour service. Indeed my call was answered and I was told that within 10 minutes Angela would call back with an appointment time. And Ben arrived at 10AM! After putting on booties so that he wouldn’t track in from the outside. He diagnosed the problem and spent four hours successfully cleaning out the drains and solving the very distressing fact of not being able to use the sink. He was professional, friendly, and efficient and knew exactly what to do to rectify the problem. He was so careful about making certain that the water did not spill on the floor or cabinets. When he finished he cleaned up and left the entire area spotless. He even put back the kitchen rugs exactly where he had found them! We feel so fortunate to have called you and will highly recommend your services and technicians to our neighbors and friends. , Thank you and best regards Ann Bartok and Stephen Continue Reading


"Part of the 'comfort' of working with Dynamic is being comfortable with the company and its employees. Both my experiences with them have proven to me and my son that they adhere to the highest standards."
- Becky , Ferndale