Check out your Furnace BEFORE it gets cold! (…..NOW is a good time)

September began over the weekend, but maintained the wonderful weather of August.  In Washington State the summer sun often arrives late (many say July 5th is the unofficial “first day of summer”), but that sunshine will tend to stick around a little longer that the end of August.  Make no mistake though, by the end of September we will be in a whole different world as far as temperatures go. The odds are that you will catch a slightly chilly night or morning in the next 30 days.  No worries, you say.  You’ll just flip on the furnace and get warmed back up, right?  Well, we can’t tell you how many times companies that service furnaces and heating systems get slammed with customer calls on the first cold evening of September.  Why? Because many homeowners ignore their heating system while it remains warm and expect it to rise from months of slumber, performing as effectively as the last time they switched it off in March or April. The advice we try to share EVERY YEAR, is that you should try out your furnace BEFORE it gets cold, and better yet, just kill two birds with one stone and have Dynamic Plumbing, Heating, and Electrical out to do your regular servicing.  Your furnace should be serviced every year to protect your investment.  What better time than NOW to have your furnace cleaned, the filter checked and changed if necessary, the efficiency of your furnace tested, and any problem areas identified? Of course we want you to call and work with our heating technicians in getting you ready for fall. But, no matter what company you use, make the quick call today and get them scheduled to come out and handle all of this for you. It’s one appointment that will have you confident that you won’t need an emergency service in September or October, and at the same time, you should be good to go for furnace maintenance until next year!  Call Dynamic and schedule your service today – 360-738-1010. For further research on the matter, we also found a link for you to check out: This article will walk you through some warning signs about your furnace and what to watch out for.  This article mentions many of the same professional wisdom that we share with our customers on the spot.  Like we said, you can spend a ton of time worrying about your furnace or heat pump, or you can make one call to Dynamic and set up an appointment to have us service and inspect your heating system.  Check out that link, but your best move is to give us a call……NOW! (If things DO break down, we offer the Furnace Repair Bellingham WA trusts!)  

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"Excellent, can't fault Dynamic Plumbing on anything. The work was of very good standard and good value. The technician was very polite and well mannered, a rarity these days. I will be using them again for any future projects."
- Margaret W , Deming