Latest AMAZING Review of Dynamic Plumbing, Heating, and Electrical!

Well, we’re proud of our service technicians, and the service we provide here at Dynamic, but we’re so happy to have the kind of customers that will appreciate the quality work we do.  This review is JUST IN to our company and we thought we would share it with all of you out there.  If you haven’t worked with our company before, this testimony speaks very clearly what we are all about.  Thank you SO MUCH to Zuzana and Gordon for sharing your experience and kind words!

Dear Dynamic Company,
 My husband and I are comparing Ben’s visit to other service providers we encountered  in the last two years and we are inspired to share our experience with other homeowners.
Ben did not look hurried, focused on collecting the payment and being on the way to the next appointment. 
Ben listened with genuine interest and worked with an intent desire to benefit us without performing costly and unnecessary work. He even noticed that something was left undone by the previous handyman and corrected it quickly at no charge.
Ben respected our home by wearing protective booties over his shoes and cleaned the work area before he left it.
When we called you with our feedback, we felt your joy from our satisfaction and that cannot be faked.
Our compliments go also to Angela and Andrea for being ready to respond to us with competence and kindness.
Thank you Dynamic company!
We say: 
“Call Dynamic, end the panic!!!” 
Zuzana andGordon

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"Part of the 'comfort' of working with Dynamic is being comfortable with the company and its employees. Both my experiences with them have proven to me and my son that they adhere to the highest standards."
- Becky , Ferndale