Plumbing Home Inspections are a very good thing!

Plumbing companies have been offering home inspections for many years. Many times companies like ours will find a way to do it as a complementary service, while we’re out handling whatever particular issue that the customer has called us out for. Customers who need plumbing repairs in Bellingham WA or Ferndale WA are no different from customers across the country, and some folks are a bit hesitant to allow a company like Dynamic to take a look around the house. We want to assure you that a free home inspection is something that can save you a TON of money, and is a huge value to you and your home. Let’s pretend you’ve called Dynamic Plumbing, Heating, and Electrical out to your house to have us handle a leaky water heater. We obviously want to check out and diagnose what exactly is wrong with your water heater and what it will take to repair, or replace the unit–that is the top priority. It is a very common practice though, to ask if we may walk around your home with you and examine the sinks, faucets, tubs, and toilets around the home—even the piping and p-traps that can be looked at easily. This walkthrough examination of your system will allow us to check if anything else is on the verge of failure or not operating as well as it could operate. Many times there are small, free adjustments that we can make as we’re going. The problem we are trying to handle is the idea that homeowners wait until something has broken before having an expert help you out. Well, an inspection like this will allow a licensed plumber to alert you BEFORE a disaster. Plumbing brakes often lead to water damage, so there’s the first way that these inspections save you money—they can protect you from a costly brake or plumbing failure. The other way that this saves you money, is a simple business practice. We, like many other companies, offer a discounted rate for “add-on” services that are handled when we are already on site to handle the primary issue. In out pretend case here, we would be able to offer a discounted repair of, say, a leaky faucet, while we were on site to get your water heater repaired or replaced. By handling a few issues on the same call, it is more cost effective for both our customer and our company as well—Killing two birds with one stone saves both of us time and money! We understand that you want the primary issue fixed fast, and that is very important. While the plumber is at your home, though, it’s well worth the time to get everything else inspected. Also, folks may object to having more work suggested. Well, remember, anything that a plumber recommends is just that, a recommendation. It is up to you to turn down the offer to do more and stay ahead of plumbing problems. We may not always ask to look around, but you can ALWAYS request it from our technicians if they are at your home or business handling your main issue. In fact, we offer to come out specifically to do home inspections, although it is usually associated with a small charge. We also offer free home inspections From time to time. If you are interested, you may always call the friendly folks at our offices and ask what we can do to get your home looked at by a professional. Stay ahead of the costly issues, and allow a friendly, local plumbing company (like Dynamic) inspect your home whenever the service is offered. It’s an important and valuable service we are proud to offer you!

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"After two years, we are very well satisfied with our geothermal heating and cooling system. After hearing our friends and neighbors tell how much their heat bill is we are extremely satisfied with the system Dynamic installed. We estimate that we are saving about 40%..."
- Jackie and Wilma A. , Sedro-Woolley