We’re a REAL DEAL Heating Company in Bellingham!

Many know us as one of the most used and most trusted Plumbing Companies in Bellingham WA, and we are glad to be known that way.  Our name includes Heating and Electrical services though, because we are serious about handling your Heating system, Gas Furnace, Electric Furnace, Heat Pump, and more.  We’ve been helping with Heating Bellingham homes for years, plus, we are ready for any Electrical Repair Bellingham residents happen to be experiencing.

This is the time of year, we feel it’s especially important to remind people that the same company that unclogs their drains, replaces their waterheaters, and fixes their leaky faucet, is the one who is ready to keep them comfortable all chilly Fall, Winter, and yeah, even some of the spring in the Bellingham, Whatcom County, and Skagit County areas.

Why do we feel the need to make this point? Well, we aren’t the only company who handles both Plumbing and Heating, for instance.  Many other companies will “handle” your heating, but it isn’t necessarily their area of expertise. Many times it is just a tool for a Plumbing-centric business to keep it’s workers busy and to stay in contact with the customer. Although we at Dynamic understand the value in this, we hope that you’ll have a higher standard when it comes to finding a Heating company with real expertise. Dynamic technicians have the training to handle your home’s heating system correctly, whether it’s in tuning up, repairing, or installing a new heating system.

We aren’t kidding when we say that we want to be the DYNAMIC solution to all of your home needs! Plumbing, heating, and electrical issues are rarely anything but a nuisance for the homeowner. You want the problems to “just go away”, but at the same time, you want the problems fixed correctly—a quality repair, so that it will keep from becoming an issue that you have to deal with again. It’s a great feeling when you find a repair expert that you feel that you can trust, and will offer value in all that they do. How much better would it be if you found a company like that, but then found that they can handle all kinds of repairs around your home.  That’s what we offer at Dynamic Plumbing Heating Electrical!

We hope to prove ourselves the first time you call us out. And once we prove ourselves to you in our plumbing service, for instance, you’ll feel that much more confident that you can call us out when your heating system just isn’t keeping you warm enough. This is our vision and our goal—you should know that our name means that we will offer the same high level of service on any area of your home we offer to work on.

Now you have an ally that can make the problems “just go away” the right way, with quality and value in mind. A Dynamic company, with a Dynamic team, that gives you a Dynamic solution every time! So, don’t hesitate on your heating issues, call for service today, and stay warm this winter. If you like our plumbing service, you’ll love what we can do to keep you warm as well.

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"After two years, we are very well satisfied with our geothermal heating and cooling system. After hearing our friends and neighbors tell how much their heat bill is we are extremely satisfied with the system Dynamic installed. We estimate that we are saving about 40%..."
- Jackie and Wilma A. , Sedro-Woolley